Baja Sweaters – Mexican Threads Baja Hoodies

The baja viking style hoodie is really named a baja viking viking shirt but people call them many names from the baja pullover to hippie hoodies. No matter what you call these Mexican sweaters they are typically the same in style. They have a pocket or kangaroo pouch in the front if you will. They have stripes going up and down and then they have a hood in the back. They come in thousands of different colors and they are usually made in Mexico. The Mexican Threads baja viking viking shirt is found online and is a very popular item for young kids all the way up to adults.

The material is typically a combination of acrylic, polyester and cotton but some are 100% cotton and others are 100% acrylic. They don’t itch anymore like they did in the 70’s and 80’s. Hippies really love to wear them with tie dye and patch work clothing (lưới cầu thang). The most popular color is the rasta, which is green, yellow, black and red. The rasta style looks very Jamaican and is common among Bob Marley fans. There are usually 3 colors in each baja viking viking shirt but some of them are very colorful with more than 10 colors in one single viking shirt . They are typically hard to find because not very many sites sell them. You can find them with free shipping which saves a lot of money because most sites that sell them tend to charge a lot for shipping. There are a lot of uses for a baja viking viking shirt and they are in high demand in 2011.

write by Amanda